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Analogue photographs (2004-2012)

Between 2004 and 2012, Nele van canneyt made several trips to North and South America with her vintage Pentax camera and a bag of Fuji films. She travelled alone and very light (without a computer, hard drives,...) only with negative films and drew inspiration from life, from small meaningful elements that she captured on film. 
This led to her first solo exhibitions, including Cuba, a different view and 'Worlds inside, outside', Antwerp.

All shown photos under are made with a vintage Pentax and fujifim 35 mm.

© Nele Van Canneyt

Havana corner, Cuba

Woman at a street corner

People in the mirror

Inside, Cuba

Train to Santa Clara

The museum Argentina

Looking outside, USA

New Mexico #2

Echo, USA

Zebra, Russia

Stilled, USA

Transfer to Staten Island



Stillwell, USA

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