With her photographic work Nele Van Canneyt evokes a world that oscillates between daydream, night and reality. There are thoughts that we will never know. We can daydream about them, though. The other remains forever a mystery. In her series Daydream, unexpected, meaningful and penetrating moments play a role where reality is present, where stillness imposes itself. Each time, the relationship between the inner world of experience of man and the visible world plays a role.  

Woman, Italy

Transparancy # 7

Lost in light, Belgium

Woman in yellow green

Looking inside, Italy

The appearance of light

Transparancy #8

Waking night, Italy

Reflection, France

Lightness, France

Open light USA

Transparancy #5

Transparancy # 3

Transparancy # 4



Transparancy # 1

Transparancy # 2

Open, USA

Transparancy# 6

Entrance, Italy

Turn around, USA

Inside, outside, Belgium

Looking inside, USA

Hands, France

Disappearence of light, USA