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Destination unknown

'With this, Van Canneyt creates an openness within the enclosed frame. Moreover, there is movement - organic movement, coming from the undulating water and from the people in the picture. 

Inside and outside, light and dark: these are opposites with which Van Canneyt creates a vigorous depth. She does this both spatially, in the composition of the image, and psychologically, by isolating anonymous figures in filmic scenes. They are characters whose story we do not know, but whose presence we feel. Their presence simultaneously emphasises another element of tension in photography: time - or more concretely, the moment' -Stefan Vanthuyne (fragment text Common Ground)

We are here USA

Facade #2 Spain

Destination unknown #1 Portugal

Destination unknown #3

Destination unknown # 2

Destination unknown # 5 USA

Destination unknown # 4 USA

A part #1 Germany

A part #2 Germany

Inner land #2 Belgium

A part #5

A part #4


Inner land #54 Belgium

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