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Past exhibitions (selection)

Rencontres internationales de la photographie en Gaspésie, Canada

Photofestival Photogaspésie 15 juli tot 30 september 2021 

20 works from the series "As if the Day Never Existed" are currently exhibited in Canada during the Photogaspésie photo festival - "Rencontres internationales de la photographie en Gaspésie".
On September 5, the photographers will give a presentation about their work.  

Book publication launch Musea Brugge 12/9

Inner land - solo exhibition
Solo-expo 'Inner land' at Musea Brugge 11/2020 - 4/2021

During the corona pandemic, photographer Nele Van Canneyt wandered through the centre of Bruges, the suburbs and Zeebrugge, day and night. She came across hidden places, had unexpected encounters and conversations. She penetrated into a new Inland and pictured the city, the silence and the emptiness. Van Canneyt's photographic works can be viewed like a film and lead the viewer into her world. At the same time, they leave a lot open. As a viewer, you can formulate your own answers, write your own story. An outspoken love for spatiality and a charge that tells - or suggests - a story. Han Decorte is the curator of the solo exhibition at Musea Brugge.

Common Ground
Duo expo with Bert Danckaert

Bubox, Musea Kortrijk, Paardenstallen 

Both photographers take urban space as the starting point for their pared-down work in which the interpretation of the urban environment is the starting point rather than its registration. Both artists travel the world for this purpose and the idea of the solitary flâneur is crucial here. 

The way in which the city is perceived as a ‘visual possibility’ determines the specific standpoint that both photographers take. Whereas with Van Canneyt we often find passers-by or introverted figures who become part of the stories within the photographic framework, the human figure has disappeared from Danckaert’s work. His images balance between abstraction and document. Nele Van Canneyt creates images from reality both during the day and at night. Her night images are shown in a projection. The places Bert Danckaert shows seem to come from one generic city with which he poses questions about cultural identity and the globalization of urban space.

Finding ‘common ground’ implies a mutual respect in which precisely the articulation of the individual is central. It is the opposite of the polarization to which our world is sinking today. 

Group Exhibitions (Selection)