Inner Land - Musea Brugge - Arentshuys - 12/2020-4/2021

During the corona pandemic, photographer Nele Van Canneyt roamed day and night through the centre of Bruges, the suburbs and Zeebrugge. She stumbled upon hidden places, had unexpected encounters and conversations. She penetrated into a new Inland and portrayed the city, the silence and the emptiness.

Is the silence threatening or calming? Does the emptiness evoke melancholy or hope for the future? The photographic works of Van Canneyt can be viewed like a film and lead the viewer into her world. At the same time, they leave a lot open. As a viewer, you can formulate your own answers, write your own story. Her images are characterised by a pronounced love of space and colour.

This exhibition is organized by Musea Brugge. Curated by Han Decorte.