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Book publication 'As if the day never existed', 2021

'When the daylight has gone, I feel surrounded by atmosphere. Sounds are different, more silence in my head. At that moment I forget the day. As if the day never existed.’

The book 'As if the day never existed' is about the day and the night and the zone in between. As if the night never stops, as if the day never starts, with an eternal timelessness in between.

The hardcover photo book counts 112 pages, contains 67 photos and an essay by John Devos, the book was designed by Superset and printed at Die Keure. The book is printed on 500 copies, of which 50 are special editions (numbered + photo print on hahnemuller rag paper). Price: 48€.

Do you want to order a book? You can send a mail to



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