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The photos in the series are works standing by themselves and are also part of a series, telling a story. Although most images function autonomously, the meaning of the individual images can shift depending on the sequence in which they are shown. Some images are used in different series and therefore carry different contexts. Currently, Van Canneyt is working on several series, which seem to run through each other and are never completely finished, except for her analogue work. In her images, the relationship between the inner world of human experience and the visible world is always at play. Seemingly banal images are charged with meaning and draw the viewer, as it were, into a cinematic dream world. 
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New series 

since 2021

Inner Land

Series taken in Belgium

since 2020

As if the day never existed

Series 2014-2021


Series 2014-2021

Destination unknown

Subjective disoriented landscapes


Analogue photographs

Earlier analogue works till 2011

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