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The photo series is about the day and the night and the zone in between. As if the night never stops, as if the day never starts, with an eternal timelessness in between. This series is bundled in the new book with the same title 'As if the day never existed' and counts 112 pages and 67 photo works. 20 works from the series "As if the Day Never Existed" are currently exhibited in Canada during the Photogaspésie photo festival - "Rencontres internationales de la photographie en Gaspésie".

Le bain USA

Twilight USA

Into the night USA

Untitled, Danmark

Moon, USA

Night moves, USA

Against the light

Lightness, France

Lost in time, USA

Inner land # 42

Naked, USA

Inner land #54

NY, night

Inside, USA

Girl USA

Part 1 of triptych USA

Part 2 of triptych USA

Enclosed, USA

Untitled, USA

City light USA

Woman in yellow green

Inner land # 37

Inner land # 50

Inner land # 39

Inner land # 41

Inner land # 38

Inner land # 51

Inner land # 48

Inner land # 45

Awaken II USA

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