Solo expo



2022 Awakening, CC De Factorij, Zaventem

2021 Binnenland/Inner land/l’Intérieur du pays, Musea Brugge, Bruges

2020  Common Ground (duo with Bert Danckaert), Bubox, Musea Kortrijk

2019 Moon, Bernice Nylonfabric, Sint-Niklaas

2016 Awaken, Cecilia Jaime Gallery, Ghent 

2015 Waking dreams, commissioned art project, De Waaiberg Gits 

2012 Japan, behind the obvious, 44 Gallery, 2012 Snapshot 3,  Museum Folklore, Bruges

2012 Everyone is from somewhere, 25 portraits, Museum Guido Gezelle, Bruges  

2011 Stilled, 44 Gallery, Bruges 2010 Worlds inside, outside , In Between (Gynaika) Antwerp 

2010 Flash, Casa Blanca, Schouwburg Kortrijk 2009 Guest artist in Villa de Olmen, Wieze

2007 Cuba, a different view, art platform Zebrastraat, Ghent   

2005  Stillway-New York-Non-stop, Geuzenhuis, Ghent   



Group-exhibitions (selection)


2022 And yet even the night is not hopeless as long as there is snow, CCHA

2022 Eden, Roeselare

2021 'As if the day never existed', 12th edition of the Photofestival 'Rencontres internationales de la photographie en Gaspésie, Canada

2021, You are here/U bent hier, Morbee Gallery, Knokke

2021 Photofestival ‘Track and trace’ Kortrijk, The lookout, installation Dries Depoorter, Texture Museum, Kortrijk

2020 The night/ De nacht, de Warande, Turnhout 2020 'Inside/out'

2020 Kasteel Borluut, Ghent 2019 Salon Blanc #40, Salon Blanc, Oostend 2019 Hier und dort - Bad Godesberg, Germany

2019 Artopia, V-tex, Kortrijk 

2019 Show me your colors, Atelier 2015 Kortrijk

2018 Unknown masterpieces, Photo festival, Knokke

2018 On The Move,  Nucleo, Blanco, Ghent

2018 Photo sequence, Culture festival 'MoMeNT' Tongeren

2016 Photo Event, Cultuurcentrum Mechelen

2016 Not all those who wander are lost, Fotofestival, Gavere 

2016 Retrospectief Zebrastraat, Ghent 2015 Red cross, Oudenaarde

2012 Flanders House, New York, USA

2012 Art Ghent, Contempory Art Zone, 44 Gallery, Ghent

2011 Outside the box, Croxhapox, Ghent

2011 El mar y sus sentidos, Spain

2011 'Suspicious landscapes', 44 Galerij, Genthof, Bruges

2010 Prize for Fine Arts W-VL, Venetian Gallery, Oostend  

2008 Canvascollectie, Bozar, Brussels  


Awards and selections 

2018 Photo festival Unknown masterpieces, Knokke 

2015 Waking dreams, commissioned art project, De Waaiberg Gits

2012 Young ones award, Art Ghent  2012 Flanders House, New York (USA)

2010 Premium winner, Prize for Fine Arts W-VL, Venetian Gallery, Oostend 

2008 Canvascollectie 3 works, Bozar, Brussel